The Windows Firefox UI updates were running for many hours



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4 years ago


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Some of the Windows jobs were running longer than 10+ hours.
Bug 1173976 should help/resolve this.
See Also: → 1173976
It won't necessarily help if there is still this mystic hang during the tests. This is really something I would like to know. Usually marionette should kill the testrun after at maximum 10min or so. If I could get some logs of such affected runs I can have a look at and maybe can find something.
The logs are in places like (that's the beta earlier this week), specifically the ones matching *_update_tests_*.txt.gz. I don't know if those jobs specifically have the slow windows tests in them.
So what I would need is clearly a log which contains such a hang. Maybe one of you can watch out for that? Also I thought the tests were disabled right now. Armen, is that not the case anymore?
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They might have been disabled last week.
Let's not look more into this; we're moving to the testers so the set up is different.
It might even be that a Windows prompt is triggered. In general the testers are better suited to run tests and have more changes to prevent weird hangs like this.
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I am seeing a few dozen ui_update_verify_beta jobs hanging for >8 hours. I killed all but the one below:

slave: bld-linux64-spot-1076

from my naive context, I wouldn't be surprised if error lines like "10:26:06     INFO -  No symbols path given, can't process dump." has something to do with
My bad. I should have asked for a Windows machine.
I was not aware that the issue was also happening on Linux machines.

In general, ScriptFactory should have a script time out by default [1].
After that, mozharness should kill or even marionette.

Where the timeout of the script is set for marionette:

I'm going to remove this, however, when I enable it on testers, I should make sure we kill this.

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