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Intermittent jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/extensions/recursion.js | load failed: null


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firefox40 --- fixed
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(Reporter: ryanvm, Assigned: jonco)



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Some other recent occurrences got starred as bug 1159096, but this is quite obviously a new issue that should be tracked on its own.

13:16:33 INFO - REFTEST TEST-START | file:///builds/slave/test/build/tests/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/extensions/recursion.js
13:16:33 INFO - REFTEST TEST-LOAD | file:///builds/slave/test/build/tests/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/extensions/recursion.js | 3141 / 6936 (45%)
13:16:33 INFO - TEST-INFO | 622167: Handle infinite recursion
13:21:35 INFO - TEST-INFO | All tests passed!
13:21:35 INFO - REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | load failed with unknown reason
13:21:35 INFO - REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///builds/slave/test/build/tests/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/extensions/recursion.js | load failed: null
13:21:35 INFO - REFTEST INFO | Saved log: START file:///builds/slave/test/build/tests/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/extensions/recursion.js
13:21:35 INFO - REFTEST INFO | Loading a blank page
13:21:35 INFO - REFTEST TEST-END | file:///builds/slave/test/build/tests/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/extensions/recursion.js
Flags: needinfo?(jcoppeard)
In all these instances the failure occurs between 5 minutes and 5 minutes 30 seconds after the start of the test.  Passing instances of this test take between 4:30 and 4:50, so it looks like we're occasionally hitting the 5 minute timeout here.

We already skip this test on MacOSX and Android debug builds because it takes too long.  Maybe we should always skip it on MacOSX.
Component: JavaScript: GC → JavaScript Engine
Flags: needinfo?(jcoppeard)
See Also: → 1185731
This test is testing infinite recursion.  In the shell we get to a depth of about 770 before we get an error, but in the browser it's about 2700.  In the second part of the test we perform a GC on exit from every invocation of test() and that's what's causing this to take so long.

This patch changes the test to only GC when we hit the recursion limit.  I think this preserves the original behaviour of the test which was to trace everything when hit the limit.  This also means we can re-enable the test everywhere.
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Wow, great find!

::: js/src/tests/js1_8_5/extensions/recursion.js
@@ +43,5 @@
>      {
>        for (var i in f());
>      }
> +    catch (e)
> +    { 

Extra whitespace.
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