Add telemetry for doorhanger trigger and doorhanger trigger with tracking protection




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3 years ago
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3 years ago
We've done a lot of work around doorhangers, and we use them to convey all sorts of messages to the user. In bug 1177612, we could also use this data to help inform our next steps.

Let's get some data on how often these things are being triggered, how often ones with "tracking protection" information are being triggered, and so on.

Bonus points if we can tell what icon is in the URL bar when the doorhanger is triggered.

Comment 1

3 years ago
We already have probes landed that tell us how often the tracking protection icon is show, how often the popup is opened, and how often users hit the enable/disable buttons:

I think we should just address this as part of bug 1175977, since these probes will need to be updated as part of the new tracking protection implementation.

As a separate issue, we could add probes to better understand use of the site identity popup and other doorhanger notifications, but I don't want that to block us figuring out whether or not we should show a contextual hint for the tracking protection icon.

I'm also not convinced that these data points will actually give us enough information to know whether or not to show a hit - if users don't tap the shield, is it because the page isn't broken, or because they don't know what that shield does?

Comment 2

3 years ago
(In reply to :Margaret Leibovic from comment #1)

> html#measure=TRACKING_PROTECTION_EVENTS&max_channel_version=nightly%2F41&min_
> channel_version=nightly%2F38&product=Fennec&cumulative=0&use_submission_date=
> 0&start_date=2015-05-11&end_date=2015-06-29&sanitize=1

Actually, it looks like our probe to tell us how often the doorhanger is shown is broken... we should fix that. But as part of bug 1175977.

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4 days ago
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