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private browsing progress bar sometimes orange at first


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Firefox 42
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The progress bar in private browsing tabs sometimes still has orange color at first, then switches to purple during further progress. The color changes to purple after the first time the progress bar stands still for a short moment.
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I can't reliably reproduce this.

The color change occurs in BrowserApp.onTabChanged for both LOCATION_CHANGE and SELECTED events.

I didn't realize this was a fall-through and originally intended this to be for SELECTED events only. What's probably happening is a page starts loading in normal browsing, we open a new private tab, start loading a page, and we receive the LOCATION_CHANGE event for the normal browsing tab, changing the color of the progress bar to normal browsing until the LOCATION_CHANGE event occurs for private browsing.

To provide extra information, I initially thought, and then ruled out, that because the event happens asynchronously (via notifyListeners which places the Runnable on the the UiThread), it's possible there is a moment between the time when the tab is selected in Gecko and the UI updates (meaning the old progress bar is displayed), but then the toolbar text would be the old toolbar text (and I'd imagine the toolbar background color would be different as well).
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Bug 1184708 - Set progress view private mode when visibility is changed. r=mhaigh
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MozReview Request: Bug 1184708 - Set progress view private mode when visibility is changed. r=mhaigh

Seems sane to me :)
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user:       Michael Comella <>
date:       Wed Jul 22 19:03:47 2015 -0700
Bug 1184708 - Set progress view private mode when visibility is changed. r=mhaigh
Closed: 7 years ago
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