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Make FileList clonable


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Currently we clone FileList only window to window.
In order to unify the postMessages (in workers, MessagePort, etc) FileList must be fully clonable.
To be more precise, looks like we currently just share FileLists between same origin windows. No cloning happening.
This patch just moves the code of FileList in 2 separate files.
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I guess there isn't technically any need to change the IID in this kind of case.
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Here the cloning part. Basically it creates a thread-safe FileListClonedData object that is sent to the destination. It's thread-safe because I need to use it for worker postMessages.
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Attached patch part 4: tests (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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part 3: FileListClonedData

>+FileList::Create(nsISupports *aParent, FileListClonedData* aData)
nsISupports* aParent

>+    // What we get back from the reader is a FileListClonedData.
>+    // From that we create a new FileList.
>+    FileListClonedData* fileListClonedData;
>+    if (JS_ReadBytes(reader, &fileListClonedData, sizeof(fileListClonedData))) {
>+      MOZ_ASSERT(fileListClonedData);
Ah, this is the reason for FileListClonedData.
You could have used also just nsTArray<nsRefPtr<BlobImpl>> I think, but perhaps this is a bit nicer, 
since StoreISupports can be reused this way.

>+  // See if this is a FileList object.
>+  {
>+    FileList* fileList = nullptr;
>+    if (NS_SUCCEEDED(UNWRAP_OBJECT(FileList, obj, fileList))) {
>+      nsRefPtr<FileListClonedData> fileListClonedData =
>+        fileList->CreateClonedData();
>+      MOZ_ASSERT(fileListClonedData);
>+      FileListClonedData* ptr = fileListClonedData.get();
>+      if (JS_WriteUint32Pair(writer, SCTAG_DOM_FILELIST, 0) &&
>+          JS_WriteBytes(writer, &ptr, sizeof(ptr))) {
>+        scInfo->event->StoreISupports(fileListClonedData);
>+        return true;
>+      }
So StoreISupports
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part 4: tests

So the subsumes removal patch will add a test where filelist is cloned across domains, right?
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Attached patch part 4: testsSplinter Review
I improved the tests to support cross-origin fileList + blob cloning.
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part 4: tests

I would use just "iframe_cloning_fileList.html" for the same origin.
I never recall which port is the default port while running mochitests.
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