tooltool should check that package name matches where it gets unpacked to



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
With the 'unpack' attribute, we automatically clean up the previous package and unpack the new one. However, the directory that we clean is driven by the basename of the file (so 'foo.tar.gz' will do 'rm -rf foo'), while the tarball itself can contain any arbitrary directory (so 'foo.tar.gz' could unpack things into 'foo-1.26' or something). This should ideally be automated better.

We could probably have some way to complain if the tarball doesn't unpack into a directory that matches the filename, or remove the directory based on what's actually in the tarball rather than it's filename (so that the filename is more a name of convenience so we know what's in the manifest). Though I might prefer if we tracked all the things that were unpacked from the previous build in a list somewhere, and then remove everything in that list for the next build. That way it doesn't matter if the tooltool manifest no longer references a package, it would still be cleaned up.


a year ago
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