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Evaluate variants for setting tabContentStart padding on "Scrollable Tabs"


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There has been some discussion about the padding that has been added to the left-most tab when we switched to "scrollable tabs" (bug 1073053).

This has been added following the material design guidelines for scrollable tabs:

In these guidelines for scrollable tabs (as opposed to fixed tabs) the left-most tab should align with the keyline, see:

More on Material design and keylines here:

As we do not have anything else align with the keyline (for now) it takes some time getting used to this. In the guidelines the toolbar title is always aligned to this keyline as well - but we don't have anything like that.

I created some variations and attached an image showing them:

* Variation 1: That's how it's right now: 72dp padding from left to the start of the 'strip'.

* Variation 2: I think that's how it is actually meant in the guidelines: 72dp padding from left to the start of the tab title.

* Variation 3: No padding at all. Like 'Fixed tabs' in the guidelines.

* Variation 4: Aligning with top sites tiles, 12 dp.
I agree. Without some sort of title text there right now ("Page title" in the example above), it might make the most sense to pad it left aligned for now. 

If we go left align, I think the 12dp is nice as fixed tabs are butted right against the edge in Material. This 12dp gives us that separation, but also it aligns nicely with the current padding for our top sites tiles.

I'm ok with going for the 12dp for now :)
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I agree, 12 dp is my favorite too. How do we want to proceed on tablets? Our top sites tiles are centered there and 12dp will not create this effect of alignment.
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I think we should keep this scope within Mobile for now. Tablets are trickier and maybe something we should leave until we get some help from the Support Lib
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^ Sorry I probably could've been clearer.

I mean to say, let's leave the padding as you have it already (aligned to the same vertical break as the text in the input bar).
Bug 1187278 - Adjust tabContentStart for "scrollable tabs" on phones. r?mhaigh
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Bug 1187278 - Adjust tabContentStart for "scrollable tabs" on phones. r=mhaigh
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