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Android Firefox doesn't update AppCache


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Steps to reproduce:

Loaded a web page with a manifest. It downloaded and synchronized. Updated the manifest and two of the files referenced (and a version comment in the manifest, the file list stayed the same). Loaded the app again.

Actual results:

Have the console extension installed. Console log says "Offline cache doesn't need to update." and includes the URL of my manifest file. The app displays its old version.

Expected results:

I would expect something like "Offline cache update beginning." and later "Offline cache update complete." And after the second such message, the app should detect the update, and prompt the user for a reload. After the reload, then the app should display its new version. But none of the above happens.
Can you please elaborate more so that i can see the bug.
You should change the to
Sorry, please ignore my previous comment 1 & comment 2.

Can you please elaborate more so that I can test this and try to reproduce the bug ?

Also , as the title is showing Firefox Android, the product should be changed from "Firefox" to "Firefox for Android"
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Whiteboard: [bugday-20150803]
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I didn't provide a test case, because my test case involves 100s of files, and the process of testing requires changes to data on the server under test.

The sequence is to load the test case offline into the Android Firefox, then to change the content of the application on the server (at least the manifest file, and one file that provides some visible indication of a change, but probably not the first HTML file referenced that points to the manifest, although even that may show the problem.

But because of the need to change server content, I cannot simply point to a server URL where an application is, because that is insufficient for testing. So instead, I provide a description of the problem.

It would be helpful, in diagnosing the problem, if it were possible to set a flag, that would cause Firefox to log all the information that it checks to determine whether or not an application should be updated, and each file that it downloads (or checks the timestamp of) when it does need to create or update the application cache.

I'm wondering if, somehow, it reads and updates the manifest, and then thinks it is up-to-date, without actually updating all the content that has changed.
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