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Create a gatekeeper Jenkins job to run the brick test


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The brick test was implemented in bug 1139083, let's create a new jenkins job that runs right after the download build and then run the other job if it passes.
Review of the brick jobs.

Jobs also triggers jobs that are neither in bitbar nor the brick test. So, for the Mountain View lab, the brick test would be ineffective.

Jobs that are okay to me:

These brick jobs are executed against Bitbar, even though bitbar is not mentioned in the name:

After taking a closer look, even the jobs that have an actual "bitbar" sibling, also run the brick test on bitbar. That's problematic we want to make sure that the bitbar is failing but not the lab, or the other way around.

I think "sanity" is not necessary at the end of
Same thing for
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Note: Bitbar hasn't been flaky for the last 3 days. That brick test passed[1], so the smoke job[2] was triggered without any action from my side. As a consequence, unlike I said on Friday, I didn't change any brick job today. :Silne30, you can change every job mentioned in comment 1.

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Hey johan. Thanks for looking into these. The jobs are still failing but they are set up correctly now. Clearing NI.
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The effect seen in bug 1198950 doesn't seem to appear very constantly. I finished up the brick job configuration. At that time, no test is red[1].

Closing this bug, as the configuration is done.

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