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Implement gesture for activating view source


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Mirroring an email conversation we had about this:

> Hi Rob,
> I'm thinking that we can ship the "View Source" feature as being off by default, and enabled in the "Developer" menu section of the Settings app. We would then just use the existing gesture to invoke it, which is 5-taps.
> I don't expect very heavy use of this, and considering it will be disabled by default, I don't think that the gesture to invoke it matters very much. Do you have any thoughts?
> Doug

> Hi Doug...
> Is this a developer setting that's off by default? If so then it shouldn't cause any conflicts. If everyone on this list is ok with it, I'd say the only other remaining group to check with might be accessibility.
> Thanks!
> Rob

> +Yura for a11y
> Rob, yes, exactly.
> Yura, could you take a look at the initial proposal here and tell us what you think?
> Doug

> so the actual 5-taps gesture is fine, with screen reader it is going to be 5-doubletap gesture. One caveat, however, is the target that receives the tap events. I must be itself accessible with the screen reader. If it just bubbles to parent document then it should be fine, since the screen reader user would be able to perform 5-doubletap gesture when the screen reader focus is inside the app document (granted there’s no conflict with elements being actionable themselves).
> hope this helps,
> yura
feature-b2g: --- → 2.5+
Jacqueline, any thoughts on instead including an additional power menu option if the "View Source" Developer Menu option is enabled?
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I guess this is for the commit here,

Probably should loop that in with the actual implementation, but this seems fine to me. Thanks!
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Hi Doug, I'm trying to create test cases for this feature.  Is the 5-tap gesture still valid?  if so, where should I tap?  I tapped within the app screen, but that didn't do anything for me.  Thanks!
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heard back from drs. no 5-time tapping.
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