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Remove 'public' and 'static' keywords from nested interfaces and enums in TabPanel


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(Reporter: sebastian, Assigned: gioyik, Mentored)


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A bunch of 'public' and 'static' modifiers at the top of TabsPanel are redundant. Let's remove them!

* Nested enum types are implicitly static[1]:
 * TabsPanel.Panel 

* Nested interfaces are always static:
 * TabsPanel.PanelView
 * TabsPanel.CloseAllPanelView
 * TabsPanel.TabsLayout
 * TabsPanel.TabsLayoutChangeListener

* Every method declaration in the body of an interface is implicitly public[2]
 * TabsPanel.PanelView.*()
 * TabsPanel.CloseAllPanelView.*()
 * TabsPanel.TabsLayout.*()
 * TabsPanel.TabsLayoutChangeListener.*()

To start, set up a build environment - you can see the instructions here:

To fix this bug, you need to remove the redundant modifiers from this class:

Then, you'll need to create a patch to upload - see

Summary: Remove 'public' and 'static' keywords from TabsPanel interface → Remove 'public' and 'static' keywords from nested interfaces and enums in TabPanel
I'd love to work on this bug! I've assigned it to myself.
Assignee: nobody → ma.steiman
Never mind, I'm having serious build issues with android :\
Assignee: ma.steiman → nobody
I'd like to work on this.
@Muhsin: Let us now if we can help you fixing these build issues on IRC. My nick is "sebastian" and you can find me and other helpful people in #mobile. If you need IRC setup instructions, see

@Divya: I see you grabbed bug 1189301 in the meantime. Let me know if you still want to work on this.
Yeah, i want to work on this.
(In reply to Divya from comment #5)
> Yeah, i want to work on this.

Great! Do you have a build environment setup to build Fennec? You can see the instructions here:

If you need any help with that then you can find me on IRC in #mobile.

After uploading a patch I'll assign the bug to you. :)
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Hi Sebastian,

I attached a patch for this bug. Could you check it and tell me if is OK?

Will look at it today but it seems to be good. :)
Assignee: nobody → gioyik
Comment on attachment 8644804 [details] [diff] [review]

Review of attachment 8644804 [details] [diff] [review]:

Perfect! Thank you, Giovanny.

Just add r=sebastian to your commit message and then you are ready to land. It seems like you landed already a bunch of patches, so I guess you are familiar with try and landing?
Attachment #8644804 - Flags: review?(s.kaspari) → review+
I am familiar with try server and landing procedure :) Could you help me with the try syntax for this patch?

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(In reply to Giovanny Gongora [:gioyik] from comment #11)
> I am familiar with try server and landing procedure :) Could you help me
> with the try syntax for this patch?

Sure! I prefer to use TryChooser: and select:

* Build types: Both
* Platforms: All Android
* Test suites: All robocop

try: -b do -p android-api-9,android-api-11,android-x86 -u robocop-1,robocop-2,robocop-3,robocop-4,robocop-5,robocop-6,robocop-7,robocop-8,robocop-9,robocop-10 -t none

But in theory it should be enough to just specify -u robocop:

try: -b do -p android-api-9,android-api-11,android-x86 -u robocop -t none
Flags: needinfo?(s.kaspari)
Assignee: gioyik → gioyik
Sebastian, this is the patch on try server:

Hope it finish without problems. :)
Try server shows that everything is green!
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Closed: 5 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 43
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