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3 years ago
We currently use XUL as a hack here:

We should try to replace this with HTML/CSS.

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3 years ago
From bug 1186738:

Regarding the removal of the XUL element, we can make it in this bug. Different solutions using html elements:

A) Using a div element with a css rule set to " overflow:hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;" should work.
But in this case, the label won't be cropped in its center. The reason to crop in the center is probably to get the end of the file name visible. The last letters of the file name give the information regarding the type of file: .pdf .html … Now, with the icon on the left, this information is not really required in the title area.

B) Another way to fix this kind of issue, is to crop at the end, and when the user select the item in the list, the cropped title is animated. The text is moved from the right to the left in order to be able to read the full title. But in our case, the element cannot be selected, the download is done on the click event. The text direction ltr/rtl will also be an issue in this solution.

C) Another option could be to crop on the right side  the file name without the extension part and add “manually” the extension part on the right of the previous element. The text direction will also be an issue here.

Solutions B) and C) are not really easy to implement, Anthony, any comment about this visible change?
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I think we need to take a step back and clear up what issues we're trying to solve with removing XUL in this about:downloads page.

B, and C confuse me right now and I think we just need to focus on the problem. It also seems like a lot of work to solve a basic issue that we're zooming into an area which is just 1 button next to another rather than (text links that are too close together)
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Anthony, the valid issue (regarding the zoomed view) you reported in about:download page will be fixed using bug 1186738 and bug 1188185.

In this bug, the issue we are trying to fix is not linked to the zoomed view. It's more a clean-up of the html code used to build the about:download page (see comment from Mark [1]). The html code is using a xul element and we want to remove it. 
If we remove this XUL element, we have to find a solution using standard html/jscript. Using the html standard, the visual effect is not exactly the same. I tried to make some proposals (A, B and C) but feel free to design another solution.

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Comment 4

3 years ago
(In reply to Anthony Lam (:antlam) from comment #2)
> I think we need to take a step back and clear up what issues we're trying to
> solve with removing XUL in this about:downloads page.

This isn't a high priority, but in the long term, we would like to remove all XUL from the application, so this is a small step in that direction.
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