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Better beginner's documentation for CORS



Developer Documentation
2 years ago
a month ago


(Reporter: cmills, Unassigned)



After recently learning some Nodejs and using it to build a server to serve Push Messages, it struck me that our CORS documentation contains good reference material, but it could really do with an ultra simple, practical tutorial to show a beginner how to send a CORS request successfully.

It is not that obvious that you only need to include the CORS headers on the server-side, and the pre-flight request from the client determines whether the server can accept cross-domain requests, etc.

Including examples in JavaScript with a couple of different simple server-side options would be great, e.g. JS only (with node on the server), JS + Python server.

My example is at https://github.com/chrisdavidmills/push-api-demo.
Duplicate of this bug: 695301
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