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Cannot edit text in textareas inside contenteditable=true


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Steps to reproduce:

Open test case in Firefox 39. Try to edit the text in the text area.

Relevant document structure is

<div contenteditable="true"><div contenteditable="false"><textarea></textarea></div></div> 

Actual results:

Impossible to select or edit existing text, can insert at beginning or end.

Expected results:

Textarea should behave like any other textarea.
Component: Untriaged → Editor
Keywords: testcase
Product: Firefox → Core
Can reproduce on Firefox 39.0.3
Still present in Firefox 61. When this happens, the selection state seems to be corrupt—retrieving `getSelection().focusNode` returns an object printed as `Restricted {}` where accessing any property causes a "Permission denied to access property ..." error. Also, when you try to move across the textarea with the keyboard while in the editable content, `document.activeElement` is still the editable element, even though the cursor is shown inside of the textarea.

This is causing issue for users of ProseMirror, and it'd be wonderful if someone could take a look.
Just wanted to add my voice to the above, I can confirm working in all other latest releases of major browser vendors. I appreciate this is not the most common use case but would appreciate any update on this bug as it we will have to implement a kludge to fix this in lieu of a fix. Thanks.
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