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Download: redirect users to detour via Donate / Contribute Request web page


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Currently on <> the download link directly starts a download.

I recommend to interpose a detour to a unintrusive donation and contribution request similar to the way LibreOffice does it here <>

Download click leads to <>, next “download” click leads to <> (see screenshot) while donwload already starts. 

Additional to donation request such a page should contain a request to contribute to the project (You can help with …, …, …) and a biweekly changing news line or similar.
I suggest that switching to the donate page only after the download has started.

Also Firefox found that more people download if the download page says "Free Download" somewhere. e.g.
(In reply to Philip Chee from comment #1)
Yes, of course we should avoid anything disgusting, the Message should be somethinglike": SeaMonkey is Free Software and is made available free of charge. Your donation, which is purely optional, supports our worldwide community of volunteers. If you like the software, please consider a donation". Such a message should appear while the download already starts, not as a mandatory step what has to be confirmed or rejected beofre download will start
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