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Collapse multiple comment and changes made by the same person


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(Keywords: bmo-ux, ux-minimalism, Whiteboard: [october-2019-bmo-triage])


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Making a sequence of changes to a bug / set of bugs can result in a somewhat spammy view of bugs. EG, in the attached screenshot there are 7 items added to the bug discussion, and now everyone has to scroll past all that.

It would be nice if Bugzilla could just collapse multiple sequential non-comment changes (by the same user, in sequence) into a single item for display. EG, in the attached screenshot, it should ideally just be a single item showing I changed a keyword, the summary, and added dependencies 1,2,3,4,5,6.

[The timestamp could be the first change, last change, a first-last range, or removed entirely.]
this is a duplicate of bug 1116462, however it would be harder to address upstream.

this is something that i'm keen to explore on the new UI however.
Component: User Interface → User Interface: Modal
Depends on: 1262476
Type: defect → enhancement

Adding this to my queue. Just like Slack, both comment and non-comment changes made by the same person on the same day can be collapsed and grouped by date.

Assignee: nobody → kohei.yoshino
Summary: Collapse multiple non-comment changes by the same person → Collapse multiple comment and changes made by the same person
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So it may look like this.

Depends on: 1350424
No longer depends on: 1262476
Assignee: kohei.yoshino → nobody
Component: User Interface: Modal → User Interface
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