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Tapping Sign in on Empty Sync panel should take you to the Sign in flow, not Settings first


(Firefox for iOS :: Home screen, defect)

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As I understand it, since the flow is a webview is must be loaded this way and cannot be loaded from the Sync panel. 

If possible, the user should be taken straight to the Sign in flow within Settings, not left at Settings.

Is there a way to do push them directly to the Sign in flow? They may see a short hop but they would end up in the right place and not have to tap it on their own.
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I don't know of a good reason why we couldn't just take them straight into sign-in; we just haven't built it yet.
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Again doesn't this and bug 1187318 depend on bug 1161151?
Depends on: 1161151
This is also true for the tour.
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I'm testing this now, particularly the case where you already have an account.
This is a no go. As it stands this PR takes you to a new Sign In page from the tour when you already have an account, and that will cause havoc.

At the very least it should take you to the manage page -- the one you get to when you tap your account name in Settings.

Alternatively we should consider taking signed-in users to Settings, where they'll be able to see the state of their account, tap Sync Now, or just head back to the browser.

Other than that, this looks good.
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Sounds like rnewman is more familiar with this flow than I am, so passing review to him.
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I've updated the patch to include redirecting the user to the settings page from the signin button on the tour if the user is already signed in. Also added PR comment fixes:
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