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Store ProgressTracker's observer list as a hash table


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ProgressTracker sometimes ends up having a huge number of observers. That's not great, but since it can happen, we should store the observer list as a hash table, because maintaining a list of non-duplicate observers in an array requires a linear search every time we add an observer.
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This part adds a new data structure to ImageLib. (We could eventually consider
moving it to MFBT, if it proves its usefulness). CopyOnWrite<T> lets us ensure
that if a data structure gets written to while we're reading from it, the read
won't be affected by that write. This makes it safe to use an XPCOM hash table
as an observer list in ProgressTracker, preventing iterator invalidation issues
and ensuring that observers get all the notifications they're supposed to

CopyOnWrite<T> is implemented by forcing all accesses to the underlying data
structure (the T value) to happen in functions passed to the
CopyOnWrite<T>::Read() and CopyOnWrite<T>::Write() methods. Any number of calls
to Read() can be nested. A Write() call can be nested inside a Read() call; if
this happens, the data structure will be copied so that Write() can update the
current version while older Read() calls continue to use the old version.
Nothing can be nested inside a Write() call, as it's assumed that the state of
the data structure may be inconsistent during the Write().

With this implemented, we can get a hash table suitable for image observer
notifications just by creating a CopyOnWrite<nsDataHashtable<K,V>>.
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(Part 2a and 2b don't compile separately; I'll fold them before landing.)

In this part, we start storing ProgressTracker's image observers in a hash
table. We need to create a new type for this (ObserverTable) because a normal
nsDataHashtable is not reference counted and doesn't support copy construction,
and we need those features to use CopyOnWrite<T>.

It's not trivially cheap to create one of these hash tables, so as long as I was
forced to rework SyncNotifyInternal and the like to work with them, I replaced
the old macro-based notification code with a template called
ImageObserverNotifier. This allowed me to create two specializations: one for
hash tables, and one for pointers to single observers. This should make
ProgressTracker::SyncNotify() significantly cheaper than if we created a hash
table there just to store the single observer that we work with in that method.
(Indeed, this should be better than the old approach of creating a temporary
array, as well.)
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This part uses the CopyOnWrite<T> API to make the changes in part 2a safe in the
presence of recursive notifications that end up mutating the observer list. We
simply do all reads from inside a CopyOnWrite<T>::Read() call, and all writes
from inside a CopyOnWrite<T>::Write() call.

We shouldn't actually hit the copy-on-write case much on real web content.
(That's the reason I have use print a warning if we hit it; I'd like to know if
there's some content that *does* tickle this.) However, it gets exercised quite
well in our tests, since the ScriptedNotificationObserver pattern that the
xpcshell tests (and some of the mochitests) use causes us to go down this code
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So how well does this work? I tested this testcase:

Using Nightly, and an opt build with this patch applied. With Nightly, the <img> element test took 20332 ms on my machine. With this patch applied, the test took 9641 ms. That's a 53% improvement, and it removes ProgressTracker::AddObserver as the bottleneck. The remaining bottlenecks appear to be in layout and text code. We also *never* hit the copy-on-write case (i.e., the NS_WARNING in ObserverTable's copy constructor) during this test.

I also tried just surfing around with this patch applied, visiting several popular sites, and didn't hit the copy-on-write case once. So it looks like, outside of our tests, it should be rare to hit this case.
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(Part 2a) - Store ProgressTracker observers in a hash table, and dispatch notifications to them using a template

>+class ObserverTable
>+  : public nsDataHashtable<nsPtrHashKey<IProgressObserver>,
>+                           WeakPtr<IProgressObserver>>
>+  ObserverTable(const ObserverTable& aOther)
>+  {
>+    NS_WARNING("Forced to copy ObserverTable due to nested notifications");
>+    for (auto iter = aOther.ConstIter(); !iter.Done(); iter.Next()) {
>+      this->Put(iter.Key(), iter.Data());
>+    }
>+  }

Can we not use a move constructor to avoid reconstructing the hashtable from scratch? So we can basically do a memcopy of the hashtable? Or does WeakPtr not allow that?
(In reply to Timothy Nikkel (:tn) from comment #6)
> Can we not use a move constructor to avoid reconstructing the hashtable from
> scratch? So we can basically do a memcopy of the hashtable? Or does WeakPtr
> not allow that?

WeakPtr won't allow that, unfortunately; we need to AddRef the underlying WeakReference. (And it's unclear to me whether nsDataHashtable can be safely memcpy'd, but I haven't investigated that.)
Alright, would be nice if we could do something a little faster but we shouldn't hit this case very often.
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This updated version of part 1:

- Adds |explicit| to CopyOnWrite's constructors, fixing the static analysis
  failure from the last try job.

- Adds some simple gtests for CopyOnWrite, just as a sanity check.
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