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Allow zoomed view to ride the trains


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Currently the zoomed view is available in nightly build only. We will have to make different changes in order to get it in Aurora. This bug is used to keep a log of all those changes.

1- the code changes to remove the nightly build flag (see bug 1182809 comment 1 to get an idea of the changes).

2- change the default ON or OFF for the “Magnify small areas“ user preference in the menu (see bug 1192075 for details). The current value in nightly is true (zoomed view is enabled by default):
pref("ui.zoomedview.enabled", true); in mobile.js

3- if we decided to start with the OFF option in the previous point 2, keep the possibility to set it ON on a next release. In this case, it will be nice to keep a flag for the users who already manually switch ON then OFF. It will avoid to bother them when they will install the new release with the default set to ON.
Domivinc, please CC' myself and Karen (or even a NI flag would be good) in these types of bugs in the future.

Karen, thoughts on this? take a peek at for some context.

TBH, I'm on the fence about leaving it pref'd ON by default in Nightly. I see some value in getting it out there. But until we land bug 1135369 and all the other related ones around "not showing up in the right places". I'm not sure a lot of the feedback will be terribly useful.
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Anthony - I think that until we have a better handle on when it's showing up (balance usefulness with being annoying), I don't want this preffed on in aurora. I'd rather err on 'not annoying'.

But I *think* from some other bug comments, we're making progress on that front??
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I agree - for purposes of this bug let's not resolve this for now. 

But we can leave this bug open for when we start tracking this feature passed Nightly.

Yes, we're making progress on that front. Especially after bug 1191041 landed. It's appearing a lot less frequently (in a good way!)
Dominique, could you take a look into this?
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Comment on attachment 8685602 [details] [diff] [review]
patch-10112015 1-Bug_1196146___Activation_of_the_zoomed_view_in_Aurora___r_mcomella.patch

Review of attachment 8685602 [details] [diff] [review]:


This still be disabled via ui.zoomedview.enabled, right? We should probably make sure that preference works as expected.
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The preference ui.zoomedview.enabled can be changed using about:config or in the Firefox menu "Accessibility" -> "Magnify small areas".
The default value is true. By default, the zoomed view is displayed after a click in a cluster of links.
Michael, all the tests are green. 
Did you ask for the green light from Karen and Anthony to push the zoomed view functionality on the Aurora/Beta/Production train?
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(In reply to Dominique Vincent [:domivinc] from comment #8)
> Michael, all the tests are green. 
> Did you ask for the green light from Karen and Anthony to push the zoomed
> view functionality on the Aurora/Beta/Production train?

Anthony and I decided once the bugs on the meta bug 1198463 were complete, we'd let it ride the trains from Nightly (i.e. no uplift). There's still bug 1222638 but I added that afterwards as an engineering want so it's not strictly necessary.

In other words, we're good to land this! :)
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Closed: 6 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 45
Summary: Activation of the zoomed view in Aurora → Allow zoomed view to ride the trains
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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