Searching with keywords (when Shift is pressed): Either don't remove magnifier from location bar OR search for the whole string [keyword][space][search term] in default engine




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Searching with keywords (when Shift is pressed).webm

// I couldn't find a duplicate.

STR:   (Nightly 43.0a1 (2015-08-18))
0. Set Yahoo! as default search
1. Set "b" as keyword for Bing search engine (or any other search engine)
2. Type "b" into location bar
3. Press "Down" button then "Up" button (to focus the 1st autocomplete suggestion).
4. Press Shift (don't release Shift)
5. Press Enter.

Result:       After Step 2 there's no magnifier in urlbar. I guess there's bug for that, so [ok]
              After Step 3 magnifier icon appears in urlbar       [ok]
              After Step 4 magnifier disappears from urlbar       [??]
              After Step 5 you get search results for search term [??]

Expectations: Current behavior (Steps 4 vs 5) is inconsistent. It should be like (A) or (B):
              A) After Step 4 magnifier icon is still in urlbar, so user can see that after Step 5
                 it will search with engine associated with keyword (Bing)
              B) After Step 5 it searches with default engine (similar to "Switch to tab" mechanism)
shift is a way to bypass urlbar actions (for example on switch to tab it won't switch but open the url again).
I actually think the behavior is correct in spite of that, you are bypassing the keyword action and thus the location bar will pass the whole string to the default search engine. though I suspect the action row is still saying we are doing a keyword search, right?
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(In reply to Marco Bonardo [::mak] (spotty available until 24 Aug) from comment #1)
> action row is still saying we are doing a keyword search, right?
Yes, AND if I press Shift+Enter, it still searches with keyword. The only glitch currently is that magnifier icon DOES go away when Shift is pressed. Result after Step 5 should be corrected:
>             After Step 5 you get results in search engine associated with the keyword [??]


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