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Ugly artifacts when entering in Customize mode during tab sharing


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Reproducible on: Firefox 41 Beta 4 across all platforms

1.Launch Firefox and click on Hello icon.
2.Click on "Start a conversation" and access "Share your screen" button.
3.Send the link to another person.
4.Select "Share your tabs"
5.Enter in Customize mode

Customize Firefox tab is successfully displayed during tab sharing.

Ugly artifacts (or a blank tab) appear on the second pc.
See screenshot:

Additional notes:
- This issue is reproducible on Firefox 41 Beta 4 (20150824144923) under Windows 7 64-bit, Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit and Mac OS X 10.9.5
- This issue is also reproducible on Firefox 39 (20150630154324)
- This issue does not reproduce for Share other Windows
Component: Client → WebRTC: Audio/Video
Product: Hello (Loop) → Core
The Customize Tab appears to not be a "normal" tab, and so the tab-sharing code is failing to render it to a canvas.  All other types of tabs seem ok, including prefs, addons, about:home/webrtc/support/etc.  

Likely there's something "unusual" about the window and rendering for Customize that makes it non-capturable.  Probably there's no easy way around this other than re-engineering Customize, or maybe having some custom capture code in the tab-capture code, once a way to capture it is devised.  It's likely not worth a major re-engineering to be able to share Customize when everything else works; an alternative would be to simply ensure it renders a black/etc screen (text or a warning would be nice, but not necessary IMHO).
Component: WebRTC: Audio/Video → Toolbars and Customization
Product: Core → Firefox
Thanks for triaging this, Randell! This might even go back into Hello's camp, because perhaps we simply need to exclude about:customize as a shareable target.
That's perhaps the easiest fix right now.
Component: Toolbars and Customization → Client
Product: Firefox → Hello (Loop)
Flags: qe-verify+
Flags: firefox-backlog+
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definitely a bug - but more edge scenario.  clean up.
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Priority: -- → P4
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Whiteboard: [bug edge]
Support for Hello/Loop has been discontinued.

Hence closing the old bugs. Thank you for your support.
Closed: 5 years ago
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