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A FIrefox Tab is not closed after terminating Firefox via task manager in Windows 10


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Steps to reproduce:

I'd among other Tabs both Netflix and YouTube opened. While listening to a YouTube video I browsed Netflix for a movie I am going to watch. Then Silverlight which is used by Netflix had a problem. Firefox informed me via pop up about a script and I can either stop the script or let it proceed whatever it is currently doing. The first time I allowed the script to proceed, the second time I said stop.

Honestly, it's surely kinda hard to reproduce but it might help to take a look into the terminating process.

Actual results:

Firefox was freezed. That's why I decided to terminate it using Windows 10 task manager. Under "Apps" I looked for firefox and opened the firefox-tree. I've selected the tree-item with the page-title - not "Firefox (32 bit)".

Firefox had been terminated, at least partly. It disappeared in the task manager list under "Apps" and in my task bar it had lost it's look 'n feel when opened. So far everything is fine BUT for some reasons the YouTube video is still being played.

Expected results:

The YouTube video should have stopped playing as firefox has been terminated.
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I've tried to reproduce this, but I can't.

Are you using flash for youtube?
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I'm using the HTML 5 Videoplayer. My main report purpose is to inform you, that there is such an issue and keep an eye on the terminating process.

I guess it happends rare times only. E.g. if variable X = Y and process will be terminated via task manager - X and value Y are hard to identify.
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I have tried to reproduce this but I can't.
Do you still have this problem? Please download the Firefox Nightly from here: and retest the problem.
Thank you.
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Shutdown order issue?

No followup after a month.
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