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Redeclaration of variables should be a SyntaxError


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For scripts, modules and function bodies the spec says it is a syntax error if:
 - LexicallyDeclaredNames contains duplicate entries
 - any element of the LexicallyDeclaredNames also occurs in the VarDeclaredNames 

Currently we report a TypeError for this.

The comment in tests/ecma_6/LexicalEnvironment/for-loop.js makes me slightly leery of just changing this though:

// This is wrong!  Per, "It is a Syntax Error if the BoundNames of
// BindingList contains any duplicate entries."  But we don't implement this
// yet, so it becomes a TypeError at runtime.

I don't understand what the last bit is driving at.
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Let's wait on this until I finish global lexicals, which will turn up more redecl errors.

We can plug the holes after that. Mixing the two efforts is going to be confusing.
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Cancelling feedback based on Comment 1. Feel free to rerequest if this is in error. This patch at least looks very strange, because it makes no changes to the existing system, though I admit it looks like that error is already only thrown in the parser.
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Posting an updated patch now global lexical support has landed.

The patch just changes the exception type of JSMSG_REDECLARED_VAR to be JSEXN_SYNTAXERR rather than JSEXN_TYPEERR and updates the tests.

Is there anything else I need to do to make this work?

Looking at js.msg again it seems there a couple of other errors (JSMSG_REDECLARED_PARAM and JSMSG_REDECLARED_CATCH_IDENTIFIER) that should also be syntax errors according to the spec.
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make-redeclaration-a-syntax-error v2

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We should land this now.
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