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turning sound off in settings makes a sound


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In the sound sliders in the settings app, touching a slider immediately makes a sound. This is terrible if you are trying to ensure silence.

Also, it  is not necessary. You could only make the first sound at the next volume step in either direction.

This would accomplish what the user wants (know the sound at a *different* level than the current one) AND solves the silence scenario because we already handle the skipping of volume steps when the slider is moved quickly.
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UX triage today:

The issue here is that there is a sound occurring on the first touch which is causing noise to happen when the user wants to quickly drag the slider to 0. 

We should eliminate the sound that occurs at first touch in addition to keep the current behaviour which is that slowly moving the slider will increase/decrease volume so the user can decide the right stopping point. Quickly sliding the slider to the 0 point will result in no noise. 

Thanks for pinging the UX team!
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Let me translate it to actionable treatments (hope I read it correctly):

* remove the sound at first touch
* Keep other current behavior

I can mentor and review it.
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You got it Fred! Thanks so much for deciphering into action items :)
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Looks good to me :)
Thank you Scott!
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Thanks Fred and Harly!
Awesome, thanks everyone! Excited to try this out in today's build.
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