Need info on template and AppConfig in help docs

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17 years ago
Template and AppConfig are not written about in Unix Docs (afaik).

For Win32, Template and AppConfig are available via links at 
This should be added to the Win32 help docs

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17 years ago
It should also be mentioned that there is an AppConfig in the 5.6Plus 
directory of ActiveState so that ppm might find that one instead and return an 
error like this:

Error installing package 'AppConfig': Read a PPD for 'AppConfig', but it is not
intended for this build of Perl (MSWin32-x86-multi-thread)

Therefore, you need to download both the tarball and ppd directly from to some directory (we'll use 
then run ppm and do:
install C:\AppConfig.ppd
Need this in the docs before the 2.16 release
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16 years ago
I can't create a patch for this one based on the information given.  I'm not
familiar enough with Windows to know if those instructions make sense, and I'm
pretty sure that they're not quite as clear as I'd like them to be.  If you'd
like to fire off another, slightly more explicit set of instructions, I'll get a
patch in here so that we make sure it's in the guide for the release. 
Here's a rewrite of step 3 of section 3.6.1 of the guide with the relevant
information integrated:

Use ppm from your perl\bin directory to install the following packs: 
DBI, DBD-Mysql, TimeDate, Chart, Date-Calc, Date-Manip, GD, AppConfig, 
and Template. You may need to extract them from .zip format using Winzip 
or other unzip program first. Most of these additional ppm modules 
can be downloaded from ActiveState, but AppConfig and Template 
should be obtained from OpenInteract using 
<a href="">the instructions 
on the Template Toolkit web site</a>.


You can find a list of modules at

The syntax for ppm is: C:> ppm <modulename>

Example 3-3. Installing ActivePerl ppd Modules on Microsoft Windows

C:>ppm DBD-Mysql

Watch your capitalization!

ActiveState's 5.6Plus directory also contains an AppConfig ppm,
so you might see the following error when trying to install
the version at OpenInteract:

Error installing package 'AppConfig': Read a PPD for 'AppConfig', but it is not
intended for this build of Perl (MSWin32-x86-multi-thread)

If so, download both <a
tarball</a> and <a
href="">the ppd</a>
directly from OpenInteract, then run ppm from within the same directory 
to which you downloaded those files and install the package by referencing 
the ppd file explicitly via in the install command, f.e.:

Example 3-4 Installing OpenInteract ppd Modules manually on Microsoft Windows

install C:\AppConfig.ppd


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HTML generated from patched installation.sgml

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patch to the SGML code
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Checking in installation.sgml;
/cvsroot/mozilla/webtools/bugzilla/docs/sgml/installation.sgml,v  <-- 
new revision: 1.15; previous revision: 1.14
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
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we'll recompile and check in all the other formats last thing before release.
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