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Consider hand-rolling radios and checkboxes for resizability


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In bug 394892 Markus Stange fixed radios and checkboxes to use native Cocoa widgets and made them resizable, which puts Firefox a step up from where Chrome and Safari currently are. It’s a shame though that they look pixellated at large sizes (see attached image).

In the intervening time an @2x set of image states for checkboxes and radios has been introduced (try setting transform:scale(2); against an input in Chrome or Safari) which would be a stop-gap, but it would be very nice if this could be resolution independent.

Other browsers (for example Chrome on Windows) have their own set of vector widgets including checkboxes and radios. Is this something Mozilla would be interested in doing? It would obviously be better if OS X introduced resolution independent controls and I’d imagine it can’t be far off, so that might be the better path.
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Firefox :: Theme doesn't control web checkboxes / radio buttons. We potentially could use hardcoded images on the widget side. I don't know that we want to. Markus, thoughts?
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Yeah, it's a long standing problem, and I don't know what we should do about it. I was hoping somebody would just come along with a solution and tell us what to do. :-)
We can handroll drawing, sure, but that means we lose the native look on every platform/theme combination that we didn't handroll drawing for. I don't know whether that trade-off is worth it.
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