WebrtcVideoConduit cannot cope with having more than one H264 recv codec

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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Currently, we can only have one H264 recv codec on a given WebrtcVideoConduit. If there are multiple H264 codecs in an answer, the last one will be what is configured, which is of course not likely to be what is sent. This will need to be fixed before we are able to accept multiple codecs in an answer.

There are a handful of possible fixes, including:

1. Only use the first H264 recv codec (will probably squeak by in most cases, since the other end will probably not actually switch on us).
2. Fix this limitation by having multiple H264 decoders.
3. Only offer one H264 codec in the first place.

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3 years ago
What do you think about these options? I have option 1 implemented in my simulcast negotiation work, and it works ok. If this is not enough in the short-term, I'll need to modify the simulcast patch to not put multiple different codecs (per simulcast version) in answers, and only use one recv codec like before.
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Let's land option 1, and file a followup for option 2 at a lower priority.  

Byron - are you good with this?  Thanks.
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2 years ago
We've already landed option 1 in bug 1203246. We can leave this bug for option 2.
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2 years ago
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Mass change P2->P3 to align with new Mozilla triage process.
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