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Fixed-position margins/clip are not updated properly in fennec-apz


(Firefox for Android :: Toolbar, defect)

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Firefox 43
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firefox43 --- fixed


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1. Start a fennec built with --enable-android-apz
2. Load the page at
3. Put your finger down on the page and scroll downwards slowly

As the toolbar slides off the page, the green fixed-pos box at the bottom of the screen should stay stuck to the bottom of the screen

It drifts up and there is a white band at the bottom of the screen

This is happening because we're not syncing the FrameMetrics to the ImmutableViewportMetrics per composite like we should be doing. There is a comment to this effect at although it's a little out of date.

We do need some sort of syncing code there, although I need to figure out exactly which data needs to be sent from C++ -> Java and which data needs to be sent from Java -> C++
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This makes the fix-pos box stick to the bottom, but the clipping is still not right. I might need to adjust the clip on a different layer. However I'm PTO in the afternoon so stashing this patch here for now.
Attached patch Part 1 - Extract a helper method (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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This fixes the issues described in comment 0, by making sure the metrics information are synced between Java and C++ on each composite.
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Part 2 - Hook up the syncFrameMetrics call

Oh wait I screwed up this patch. It should be using mViewportMetrics and not mFrameMetrics. Let me re-test.
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Rebased, carrying r+
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