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Add UI Telemetry for search history items


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We currently collect UI Telemetry on the search suggestions returned from the default search engine. We tag those with the Extra "engine.#" where "#" is the position:

I think we are currently mixing the search history into the suggestions:

We don't differentiate between engine suggestion of history suggestion. I'd like to see us use "history.#" for the search history, where "#" is the 0 based index of the history items.
If we want to keep things relatively simple, here are some less-than-awesome suggestions:
1. Offset the Tag of history items by 1000 here [1]. Use >= 1000 here [2] as a hint we have a history item.
2. Use the visible history image as a hint that we have a history item.

[1] (isUserSavedSearch)
That is correct, they are currently mixed, and the position is relative to the length of the list.
Your name is at the top of the suggested reviewers list by the way.

I agree those are less than awesome suggestions. :) 

This patch makes use of the Tag we already create on every SuggestionView to encode the data we'd like to pass to telemetry. Previously it was just the global index. Now it contains the type (history or engine) and the relative 0 based index for that type. 

Note for those playing along at home: the first 'suggestion' which is just a copy of what the user has in the urlbar, has a separate/special tag in UITelemetry, so is not affected by this patch and not listed in the output below.

Built on top of Bug 1200319, going from left to right in en-us, the tags in UItelemetry are

31613-31613/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = engine.0
31613-31613/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = engine.1
31613-31613/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = history.0
31613-31613/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = history.1

6685-6685/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = engine.0
6685-6685/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = engine.1
6685-6685/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = engine.2
6685-6685/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = history.0
6685-6685/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = history.1
6685-6685/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = history.2
6685-6685/org.mozilla.fennec_mozilla W/anaaktge﹕ onclickhandler tag = history.3
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>diff --git a/mobile/android/base/home/ b/mobile/android/base/home/

>+    private void bindSuggestionView(String suggestion, boolean animate, int recycledSuggestionCount, Integer previousSuggestionChildIndex, boolean isUserSavedSearch, String telmetryTag){

telmetryTag -> telemetryTag

r+ with the fixup
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