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Cannot make Sync work.


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Steps to reproduce:

Last night I created a Sync account. Everything worked fine. My laptop synced perfectly.

Actual results:

This afternoon, while still logged in to Sync--I guess you can't log out? Only delete? I tried to log in to Sync Need Help? Password didn't work. Checked my Mozilla saved passwords.

My first Sync "saved password" is my encryption key. I think. It says "chrome", and is very long. I don't use Chrome. I change my password, I get the confirmation email, try to log in again to Need Help?--denied. I'm still logged in on my desktop. Locked out of my laptop. Refresh Firefox? No way. Lifetime first Mozilla tear my hear out.

Expected results:

I should have been able to log in to Need Help?. If that didn't work, changing my password should have fixed it. I pre-checked that I might have to enter my new password into my laptop before I turned it on. I entered my old and new passwords on my laptop. Neither worked.
What the hey, I'm in. My Firefox Sync saved username and password from yesterday:
username =

password =
Noob mistake. Attached earliest log. Attached first log today. Not latest, there are two more tonight as of 10:41 p.m. EDT.
Summary: I cannot make Sync work. → Cannot make Sync work.
Can't delete my Firefox Sync account because my password doesn't work. Help please.
I suggest you
 create a fresh Firefox profile then try it...
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Thanks. Rather than create a new Firefox profile, and until this password bug is resolved, I abandoned Firefox Sync. Seeing my encryption key pop up as my password screamed "Get me out of here". No exception for the "new", buggy Firefox Sync.
Sorry for the delay, and I'm sorry you had problems logging in to your account. It should be possible to reset your Firefox Account password, at which point you could disable it. Note also that storing the credentials for Sync in the login manager is by design as it is the most secure place in your profile to store such things and better than storing it as plain-text in your profile directory, as data saved in the login manager is encrypted with the master password if enabled.

I'm not sure this is actionable, so I'm closing this as incomplete, but feel free to reopen it if there is something specific we can help with.
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