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bitdash m3u8 HLS demo does not recognize Firefox's MSE


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1. Disable Flash plugin (so the bitdash player only feature detects MSE).
2. Load

The video doesn't play and the following error message is shown:

"No supported technology was detected, i.e. neither Flash nor the MediaSource Extension was found and no HLS manifest was given or HLS is also not supported. Please download the Flash Player or try another browser."

The bitdash HLS demo plays correctly in Chrome, Safari, IE, and Edge.
that page used to load just fine, sound to me more like a JS error ; especially as it has created a MediaSource object properly, and even tested that a particular mimetype was supported:

video/mp4; codecs="avc1.42c00d" which returned True. so why would it states that MSE wasn't found?
Daniel, do you know if the bitdash HLS demo page has changed recently? How does it try to detect MSE?
That page is an HLS only test page. We currently have only two ways to play HLS content.
1. Using the browser's native/built-in support, i.e. on iOS, Safari on Mac OS X, and MS Edge.
2. Using our Flash fallback

We did not yet integrate HLS support into our HTML5/MSE player, and hence it can't work. I have to admit the error message needs improvement.
The check for the container + codec is a standard test we always perform upfront so we know if AVC/H.264 is supported in the current browser.

So I think this issue can be closed, sorry for the confusion.
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