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Display TaskCluster Linux64 Static Analysis opt builds as "S", not "B"


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Currently we display them as "tc(B)" which seems sub-optimal.  Please see <> for an example.
For job data submitted to Treeherder via its API (which is the case for everything apart from buildbot), the submitter gets to choose the job name and symbol (ie: we don't have the awful regexes and mapping).

As such this needs to be fixed in the taskcluster configs:
Component: Treeherder → Integration
Product: Tree Management → Taskcluster
Version: --- → unspecified
Summary: Display TaskCluster Linux64 opt builds as "S" → Display TaskCluster Linux64 Static Analysis opt builds as "S", not "B"
Hmm, modifying the TaskCluster config seems to cause the build to not show up at all on TreeHerder: <>  I tried setting groupSymbol and groupName to either the empty string or null and neither worked.  Dustin, do you have any idea why?
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Hm, I don't know what to suggest to *not* have a group symbol. shows `null` there, and nothing showed up.
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Hmm, I'm only guessing what a group symbol means, but I expect that they're used for grouping different jobs together in the TreeHerder UI.  If that is correct, then what I'm trying to do here is to add a standalone job that is not grouped together with any other jobs.  What's the right way to do that?
ok so I'm looking at the changes here:

Some suggestions that might help out:

* groupSymbol could be '?'
* for group name we've used something like ""groupName": "Submitted by taskcluster"," before but I'm not sure if it's entirely necessary
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Component: Integration → Task Configuration
Product: TaskCluster → Firefox Build System
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