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The push-to-try extension does not get installed when running ./mach mercurial-setup as indicated by ./mach try


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Not set


(firefox43 fixed)

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firefox43 --- fixed


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It's not installed under ~/.hgrc

armenzg@armenzg-thinkpad:~/repos/mozilla-central$ ./mach try -b o -p linux64 -u none
mach try is under development, please file bugs blocking 1149670.
hg: unknown command 'push-to-try'
Mercurial Distributed SCM

basic commands:

 add           add the specified files on the next commit
 annotate      show changeset information by line for each file
 clone         make a copy of an existing repository
 commit        commit the specified files or all outstanding changes
 diff          diff repository (or selected files)
 export        dump the header and diffs for one or more changesets
 forget        forget the specified files on the next commit
 init          create a new repository in the given directory
 log           show revision history of entire repository or files
 merge         merge another revision into working directory
 pull          pull changes from the specified source
 push          push changes to the specified destination
 qdiff         diff of the current patch and subsequent modifications
 qnew          create a new patch
 qpop          pop the current patch off the stack
 qpush         push the next patch onto the stack
 qrefresh      update the current patch
 remove        remove the specified files on the next commit
 serve         start stand-alone webserver
 status        show changed files in the working directory
 summary       summarize working directory state
 update        update working directory (or switch revisions)

(use "hg help" for the full list of commands or "hg -v" for details)
ERROR hg command ['hg', 'push-to-try', '-m', '\ntry: -b o -p linux64 -u none -t none  \n'] returned 255
The "push-to-try" hg extension is required to push from hg to try with the autotry command.

It can be installed by running ./mach mercurial-setup

armenzg@armenzg-thinkpad:~/repos/mozilla-central$ grep "push" ~/.hgrc | wc
      0       0       0
Thank you for the bug report. push-to-try requires mercurial 3.3 or above (the error message should mention this, but let's establish this is the issue). 

Does upgrading mercurial fix this?
Yes :)

hg --version --> 3.2.4
sudo pip install Mercurial --upgrade
hg --version --> 3.5.1
./mach mercurial-setup

armenzg@armenzg-thinkpad:~/repos/mozilla-central$ grep "push-to-try" ~/.hgrc 
push-to-try = /home/armenzg/.mozbuild/version-control-tools/hgext/push-to-try
Bug 1203598 - Mention the required mercurial version when suggesting a user install the "push-to-try" extension. r=armenzg
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MozReview Request: Bug 1203598 - Mention the required mercurial version when suggesting a user install the "push-to-try" extension. r=armenzg
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