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Check meta/global engines in Sync app


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FxOS-S11 (13Nov)


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"The client needs to validate the meta/global record on every request."

[info/collections] is a utility API provided by the storage service that reveals which collections exist on the server and when they were last modified.

That means we can save work, as follows:
* Retrieve info/collections.
* If none of the data collections we need have have changed according to info/collections, stop here.
* Retrieve meta/global and check storage format.
* Only retrieve crypto/keys if it has changed according to info/collections.
* Only retrieve data collections that have changed according to info/collections.
Assignee: nobody → mbdejong
Blocks: 1195647
Target Milestone: --- → FxOS-S11 (13Nov)
Priority: -- → P3
Looks like info/collections was moved to meta/global.engines
Summary: Fetch info/collections in Sync app → Check meta/global engines in Sync app
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> Looks like info/collections was moved to meta/global.engines

Created about the docs issue.
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Turns out Syncto doesn't support retrieving info/collections. I'm not so sure anymore now whether we really need this.
If we check meta/globals for the engines like in this patch, then I think it's not so important to also check info/collections (would only be a performance optimization when syncing many collections, and for now we're only syncing one or two).
What do you think, shall we just merge this to check the engines from m/g, and then leave it at that?
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Sounds good to me.
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Closed: 8 years ago
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