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the default action button in the directory picker shown by <input type=file directory> should be labelled "Choose" rather than "Open"


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When clicking the "Choose folder" button in <input type=file directory>, the default button at the bottom right of the picker is labelled "Open".

However, clicking it (or pressing Enter) does not "open" the selected folder in the list (as does double-clicking a folder name) to show its contents; instead, it "chooses" the selected folder and dismisses the picker.

Accordingly, the button should be labelled "Choose" (or "Select", or something... fwiw, the corresponding button on Win8 is labelled "Select Folder").
Hmm, this is a native picker, so I'm not sure we have control over that. I'll have to check. Besides though, the position of the button in the dialog next to the Cancel button would I think make it clear to the user that they are making their selection. And in a sense I think "Open" is a better name than "Choose", since it gives the use a better idea of the fact that the page then has access to read the contents of the directory.
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(I'd also note that in Upuntu 14.04 it's also "Open")
Thanks, Markus, good to know it's possible.

It's still not clear to me that this change would be desirable.
I wonder if it might make more sense to label this button "Upload", since, while not technically what the user is doing at that point, it makes clearer to the user that this is a natural consequence of their action and should be considered as such.
I instinctively suggested "Choose" because I thought I remembered seeing that in directory pickers when used by other apps on OS X. But I'm not sure where I was remembering it from.....

With a bit of poking around, I found dir pickers in Xcode, and yes, those do label the button "Choose". But in Safari (when choosing a location for downloads), it's "Select". And when selecting folders in TextWrangler's Find Differences dialog, it's simply "Open".

"Upload" seems wrong to me, given that the page may not be intending to upload the directory contents at all; e.g. it might be intending to iterate over the contents and do something purely locally with them.

So I guess the "right" answer here isn't as clear-cut as I initially imagined.
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