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screenshot --dpi asks for pixels per inch and uses it as devicePixelRatio


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Bug 970625 added the parameter --dpi to the graphical command line's commadn 'screenshot'.

The strings are:
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (screenshotDPIDesc) A very short string to describe
# the 'dpi' parameter to the 'screenshot' command, which is displayed in
# a dialog when the user is using this command.
screenshotDPIDesc=Dots per inch

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (screenshotDPIManual) A fuller description of the
# 'dpi' parameter to the 'screenshot' command, displayed when the user
# asks for help on what it does.
screenshotDPIManual=The number of dots per inch in the screenshot

But the code change contains:
> -  const ratio = window.devicePixelRatio;
> +  const ratio = args.dpi ? args.dpi : window.devicePixelRatio;

DPI and devicePixelRatio are two different things. The latter one is the count of physical pixels which can be put into one CSS pixel.

So running |screenshot --dpi 150| fails because the image gets too big.

The strings are already on Aurora, so if it needs to get fixed there it has to use dpi and not dpr.
Johan, are you interested in this one?
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Something like this?
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Great, thanks!
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Johan, could you push this to try?  Or I can if you don't get to it first.
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Hmm, it seems like there are many failures, especially in browser_cmd_screenshot.js.
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Issue was that in the localization file, "screenshotDPIManual" hadn't yet been changed to "screenshotDPRManual".
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patch, v2

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Ah, of course.

Do you have try access to do another run?  If not, ni? me so I can take care of it.
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