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Strings pasted into urlbar are doubled after opening new tab (if Debugger was opened in Browser Toolbox)



3 years ago
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(firefox44 affected)




3 years ago
STR:   (Win7_64, Nightly 44, 32bit, ID 20150924030231, new profile, safe mode)
0. Make sure you have some text copied to clipboard, e.g. "They're taking your beta-testers to Isengard"
1. Open Firefox
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I to open Browser Toolbox (make sure you have all those stuff enabled)
3. Click Debugger tab in the Browser Toolbox
4. Switch back to Firefox window
5. Press Ctrl+N to open new window
6. Focus location bar and press Ctrl+V to paste the text from clipboard

Result:       Text is doubled. Actually sometimes I see (when firefox lags and does everything slowly)
              that when I press Ctrl+V, the text is pasted OK, but after 2-3 seconds the same text
              is pasted the second time w/o any input. Maybe it's a special case of some major bug

Expectations: Text should be pasted 1 time


3 years ago
Has STR: --- → yes


4 months ago
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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