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IntelliJ does a foolish thing when you "Make" a Gradle-based project: it asks Gradle to build app:assembleDebug, library1:assembleDebug, ..., libraryN:assembleDebug.  Due to an implementation quirk, the Debug variant of :app relies on the /Release/ variant of :library1 through :libraryN.  So we end up building both Debug and Release variants of each library.  (I think.)  See

We should experiment with hard-depending on specific configurations in our build.gradle files.  I expect we can trim our build time in IntelliJ.  (From the command line, I always use just |mach gradle app:{assemble,install}Debug|, which should not do duplicate work.)

Code snippets are available at and

For information radiation: Android Studio has a more clever thing, which they call "Gradle Aware Make".


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