Change default branch from `master` to `mozilla-central`

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4 years ago
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Given that we have a 1:1 mapping for our branches with the Firefox tree branches on, I would suggest that we finally use `mozilla-central` for our default branch. That way it would be easy enough to go back and forth between our branches and the in-tree ones. Right now we always need a conversion method which I think is unfortunate. This change will simplify a couple of tools.

David do you have any objections? If not I will create the new branch, update mozmill ci to make use of it, switch over, and finally delete master.
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I got an ok from both David and Chris on IRC. I will go ahead and make those changes.
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I pushed a clone of master as mozilla-central to our repository and made it the default branch:

The old master is still present as:

Once mozmill-ci has been updated it will be removed.
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 44
Maja and Syd, can you both please make sure to update your tests to handle the new branch name? Thanks.
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Version: Firefox 43 → Firefox 44
Changes have been pushed to mozmill-ci. See for details. For the production system it will go live later today.

I'm waiting for Maja and Syd now to update their system before removing the master branch.
Thanks for the heads-up, Henrik.

firefox-media-tests refer only to a commit in firefox-ui-tests as a git submodule. No reference is made to any branch of firefox-ui-tests in our pf-jenkins jobs. 

The only dependency on branch names is in the mozharness script in bug 1197224, and I have just updated my patch to remove the reference to 'master'.
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Talked with Syd on IRC and there is nothing on his side which needs a change. So I'm going to finally delete the master branch now. Mozmill-CI has been updated and makes use of mozilla-central on both staging and production.
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The master branch is finally gone now.
Closed: 4 years ago
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