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CompositorOGL::mFrameInProgress not reset properly when early leaving ::BeginFrame


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Steps to reproduce:

In case the rect object in CompositorOGL::BeginFrame is empty the function lives almost immediately. Unfortunately it does not reset the mFrameInProgress flag to false. As a result when such situation happens in debug builds the code will terminate due to an assertion failure in the next ::BeginFrame call.

Actual results:

Gecko terminated due to a failing assertion MOZ_ASSERT(!mFrameInProgress, "frame still in progress (should have called EndFrame");.

Expected results:

The assert should not fail.
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Better yet -- move the mFrameInProgress = true setting to below this block, with a comment saying something like "We're about to actually draw a frame".

This mFrameInProgress stuff seems odd -- shouldn't EndFrame also check that there's a frame actually in progress, and if not, early return?  Poking :nical (he knows the OGL compositor best these days)...
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This is a slight improvement and a very simple patch, so r+ but I'd like to go further (as a followup if you want) because I feel uneasy about having the the requirement that EndFrame is called if and only if BeginFrame succeeded with no way for the caller to know if BeginFrame succeeded.
We should either enforce that if one calls BeginFrame then it has to call EndFrame, or have BeginFrame return a boolean and enforce that EndFrame is called if and only if BeginFrame returned true.

Piotr, do you want to make a patch for this? Also, please update your mercurial config following the instructions here so that your patches have the right formatting.
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Thanks for the review Nicolas. I'm afraid I won't have the time in the next couple of days at least, to make sure EndFrame is always called.

Unfortunately I'm using git, not mercurial. The company I currently work for uses EmbedLite gecko port for their browser. Since EmbedLite is using git it's easier to take git patches and convert them to hg. Such workflow seems to be at least partially supported by mozilla, see: The problem with the commit message is in the fact that it uses dash instead double colon to separate bug number from the commit description, right?
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