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Trying to build emulator-x86-l results in 

> configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables.

Building emulator-l (i.e., the same for ARM) works.
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Hi Juan, do you have an idea what might be wrong here? (I'm asking you because you work on toolchains.)
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Might be related to bug 1173590.
See Also: → bug 1173590
Well, this usually happens when trying to build for an architecture but mixing different architectures in the process. I've never built x86 emulator in any of his flavors (jb,kk,lollipop), but I'll assume that we are trying to build a 32 bit emulator, but using a toolchain which is targeted to build for x86-64 bit architecture by default, so is mixing both architectures in the process.
I'll try to build it by myself and figure out where the problem is.
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Yeah, confirmed. Looks like we need a -m32 flag anywhere in the script.
I tried to follow the advice in bug 1173590 and set -m32 in .userconfig, but this didn't help.
Oh, it should work.


It's working for me. Anyway, this is just a workaround. I think that we should include these flags into the configure scripts depending on the target - i686-android-linux in this case.
Thanks, I'll try again. Maybe I forgot to set LDFLAGS.
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