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It would be great to group all release promotion related builders in a single file module, that can be used from is the current entry point.
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I think this is a good idea. Originally it went into because it gave easy access to ci-style objects, since that's what promotion is closer too. I have a vague memory of some sort of circular import problem which that avoided too.
though not a necessary bug, I took this first as a way to familiarize myself with the buildbot code for build promotion.

this patch:

1) renames generateReleasePromotionObjects to generateReleasePromotionBuilders since we are only creating builder objects and letting bbb schedule/trigger release promotion jobs
2) moves generateReleasePromotionBuilders from to process/
2) method impl now only returns a list of builders and not a dict of objects and also returns immediately if not a 'release promotion branch' (will make more sense with upcoming buildbot-configs patch
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this patch:

1) rather than calling generateReleasePromotionBuilders from within generateReleaseBranchObjects(), we give release promotion builders their own entry call within master.cfg.
2) since generateReleasePromotionBuilders only tracks new builders, this should only be needed for the production build master.cfg (mozilla/builder_master.cfg) and the staging universal master

a dump master diff yielded a no-op for me locally. hopefully production agrees with that :)
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same as before but removes old unused var (releasePromotionBuilders) from earlier WIP

interdiff fwiw:
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Hmm, for some reason it doesn't pass in my environment.
"my environment" was key here, disregard.
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I think we can close this bug
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