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[UX] Replace Tabs From Other Devices with Synced Tabs Sidebar


(Firefox :: Sync, defect, P2)

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User Story

So that Firefox is easier for me to learn, as a user syncing multiple devices, I want to be able to filter and locate my synced tabs in a sidebar just like history and bookmarks instead of a web-based view.

Acceptance criteria:
* A sidebar option as depicted in URL is always available under View > Sidebar
* When filtering/searching the sidebar only matching tabs are displayed
* When unauthenticated, when the user opens the sidebar, they can read a description of the benefit of synced tabs with a link to preferences
* When tab syncing is disabled, when the user opens the sidebar, they are encouraged to re-enable tab syncing on the preferences page
* When syncing single device, information is presented to encourage adding another device with links to clients
* When Firefox Account password has changed, the user is encouraged to sign in
      No description provided.
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Priority: -- → P2
User Story: (updated)
I think this bug has served its purpose.
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