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Stop assigning room names default titles


(Hello (Loop) :: Client, defect, P2)



(firefox45 fixed)

44.3 - Nov 2
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firefox45 --- fixed


(Reporter: standard8, Assigned: dcritchley)



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User Story

Acceptance Criteria:

- When a room is created, it is no longer given a room name.
- The previous strings and code for the default room name are removed


(1 file, 1 obsolete file)

As part of the user journey rework, we should stop assigning default titles to room names. This depends on bug 1214582 so that we displaying at least one title all the time.

See the user story for more detail.
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Assignee: nobody → david.critchley
Remove Loop default Room name
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Review of attachment 8680942 [details] [diff] [review]:

Modulo a couple of nits, which I'll fix before I land, this looks good.  Right now I'm fighting with the mochitest infrastructure on stuff that I suspect is unrelated, but is nonetheless getting in the way of me landing this. r=dmose

::: browser/components/loop/content/js/panel.jsx
@@ -440,5 @@
>          "room-entry": true,
>          "room-active": this._isActive(),
>          "room-opened": this.props.isOpenedRoom
>        });
> -

Might as well leave this as is.

::: browser/components/loop/content/js/roomStore.js
@@ +267,5 @@
>        this._notifications.remove("create-room-error");
> +      if ("urls" in actionData && actionData.urls[0].description === "fakeSite42") {
> +        console.log("Action Data: ", actionData);
> +        console.log("Room Creation Data: ", roomCreationData);
> +        console.log("----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------");

These console.logs wanna go.
Attachment #8680942 - Flags: review?(dmose) → review+
With review nits fixed.
Attachment #8681431 - Flags: review+
Attachment #8680942 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla45
removing the b2g 2.5 flag since this commit has been reverted due to an incorrect merge, sorry for the confusion
Iteration: --- → 44.3 - Nov 2
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