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Plugin is not hidden during async scrolling, lags instead


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  1. Load,24842.html
  2. Scroll down until you see the Flash video just above the comments
  3. Make sure you're running recent Nightly with APZ enabled, or
     enable APZ manually (layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled=true).
  3. Scroll up and down and observe the video.

The video's position lags behind as you scroll. I would have expected bug 1137944 to fix this by hiding the plugin during an async scroll.
Jim, would you expect the fix in bug 1137944 to apply to this case, or is there something special about this page?
Depends on: 1137944
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Hmm, yeah this should get hidden. Something must be going wrong with our scroll tracking in the content process in nsGfxScrollFrame I guess. I'll take a look.
tracking-e10s: --- → ?
No longer depends on: 1137944
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Ah this plugin is embedded in an iframe, bet that has something to do with it.
Assignee: nobody → jmathies
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Need to walk sub documents as well.
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Oops. needs a test :-)
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good idea. carbon copies of the original scroll tests with a sub frame plugin.
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Is is possible that we might have an iframe within an iframe that has a plugin? If so, I think I need to add yet another layer to this where I walk subframes, and then try to walk subframes within each sub frame, and so on down the tree.
Hmm, we don't do this in nsPresShell, so maybe EnumerateSubDocuments picks up all sub documents. I can't tell from the nsIDocument header. I'll test once this work gets out to mc.
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@ Carsten, should it look like this? I've sent you an e-mail with video of this bug.
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(In reply to to_du from comment #12)
> @ Carsten, should it look like this? I've sent you an e-mail with video of
> this bug.

Hi, i'm not the initial developer who wrote the fix so i can't say (i only checked in the patch to the central repo). Jim is the developer who worked on this fix, redirecting the needinfo to him
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Can you send this video to Jim?
maybe it would be more useful to attach it here ?
I'm not sure what's being discussed, is this bug 1212813? If so attach it there. New regressions related to the work here (hiding plugins in subframes while scrolling) should be filed individually.
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(In reply to to_du from comment #17)

This is not just bug 1212813; the video is only partially redrawn when scrolling stops. Please file a new bug for this.
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