Web site loads in wrong tab after quick tab switch



3 years ago
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3 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

1. Start SeaMonkey (opens by default with a single start page, Tab Bar is hidden; browser.tabs.autoHide=true)
2. Try to open a different set of web sites by doing the following:
2a. Select the URL bar, type the new URL, hit Return.
2b. In quick succession, hit Ctrl+T to open a new Tab (Tab Bar appears) and attempt to input the second URL

Actual results:

At Step 2b. (assuming the time between hitting Return to load the first tab and Ctrl+T to open a second tab was short enough), the first URL loads in the second tab. The first tab stays at the original page (browser start page).

Sometimes, it simply doesn't happen (especially when I try to reproduce it while writing this report); so it might be related to some very precise timing issue. At times, I managed to get this behavior while SeaMonkey has been running for some time and tabs have been open; but also during confirming an URL in Tab X, opening a new one using Ctrl+T and then trying to load a second page in Tab (X+1) at the same time while Tab X finishes loading.

Expected results:

First tab should show the URL entered (not the start page), second tab should be empty until an URL is entered and confirmed.

Comment 1

3 years ago
I do your STR regularly & can't say I've experienced that situation.
(In my case, I typically do those steps after having opened the browser from Session Restore.)

Are you able to repeat the issue with all extensions disabled (Safe Mode) or in a new, clean Profile?


Comment 2

8 months ago
I can reproduce this and it has been around for a while (at least several months). Currently, I'm on Seamonkey (Navigator) 2.49, GNU/Linux.

I've seen this happening when I have tabs open and I enter a new URL to open in a blank tab (A) and quickly switch to another tab (B). For example, I may want to continue reading B while A is loading. But when I do this, the page loading in A sometimes shows up in tab B.

Something else that might or might not be related is that oftentimes when I try to quickly open more than one bookmark "in a new tab" one by one, the second bookmark will load in the tab where the first one was loading, instead of creating a new tab.

Comment 3

8 months ago
Bug 758594 seems to be this for Firefox (and also bug 825398?) but this appears to be harder to reproduce nowadays. Or maybe I need to switch tabs really faster or visit a website that loads/resolves slowly?
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