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3 years ago
I am running Firefox 38.1.1, but have also tried later versions with the same result.  I have two desktop PCs, one a 32-bit and one a 64-bit, both running Windows 7.  Earlier versions of Firefox worked as expected on both.  Now everything works fine on the 32-bit, but on the 64-bit some sites (including, Facebook, and Firefox[!]) are displayed in text-only mode.  This happens consistently, and re-booting does not fix the problem.  I also uninstalled Firefox and re-installed, with the same result.  I have not changed any settings, the problem simply occurred as soon as I updated from a previous version that was working correctly.  Several 64-bit Firefox users at my workplace have reported the same problem, so it does not seem to be unique to my system.  I am writing this bug report using Internet Explorer because I couldn't get here in Firefox.  I much prefer Firefox to IE and hope you can fix this problem in a future release.

Can you reproduce the issue in Safe Mode[1]?
If yes and you can reproduce the issue in Safe Mode,
can you still reproduce it even with clean new fresh profile without any addons (extensions and plugins)[2]?

You can also try a standard troubleshoot and diagnose procedure[3].

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =

P.S. Don't forget that 64bit Firefox is still not "stable" release.
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3 years ago
I am running 32-bit Firefox (on a 64-bit PC), not 64-bit Firefox.  The problem persists in safe mode and also after clearing all history.  None of the "diagnose and fix" suggestions help.  The problem seems to be one of security--Firefox is flagging and as untrusted sites.
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Summary: FIREFOX DISPLAYS SOME SITES IN TEXT ONLY → Firefox displays some sites in text only

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3 years ago
I re-installed the privacy certificate for my own site and the problems have now disappeared.  Mea culpa.

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3 years ago
Based on comment 3.
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