add a MakeUniqueFallible<T[]> (and maybe <T>) function

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In converting a few nsAuto*Ptr things to UniquePtr, one pattern that comes up is:

  mAutoPtr = new (fallible) T[...];

which has to be converted like so:

  mUniquePtr.reset(new (fallible) T[...]);

I think converting it like so would be nicer:

  mUniquePtr = MakeUniqueFallible<T[]>(...);

which is a little longer, but reads a little more idiomatically and doesn't use |new|.
Reasonable.  Separate header from the existing, is all I want here.  :-)  If we adopt <memory> at some point, want to keep extensions separated out.
How about mUniquePtr = MakeUnique<T[]>(..., fallible) ?
Don't think so.  It seems very worth preserving the sense that the arguments passed in, are exactly passed along.  Not to mention there'd then be ambiguity with a constructor that took a |fallible| as its last argument.

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3 years ago
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add mozilla::MakeUniqueFallible and convert uses throughout the tree

Chose to call the file MakeUniqueExtensions in case we ever want to have
UniqueFreePtr etc.
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header only uplift for beta

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header only uplift for beta

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header only uplift for beta

Need to fix a sec-mod issue. Beta44+
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