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[Messages] Disable timeout for ActivityClient


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blocking-b2g 2.5+


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I used a STR that is something like the following, but we can maybe make it simpler:

1. Receive a SMS.
2. Force-kill the app.
3. Dismiss the notification.
4. Start Gallery.
5. Share an image with Messages.

=> white screen.

Error in the logcat is:

10-20 18:16:08.947  4634  4634 E Messages: Content JS ERROR: Unable to establish a connection with "activity-service". Either the target endpoint is not alive or the Service is not `.listen()`ing. 
10-20 18:16:08.947  4634  4634 E Messages:     at [2]</Client.prototype.connect/this.connected< (app://
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Hey Julien, I can't reproduce the issue from my side. I'm using latest gaia and gecko with few weeks ago. Requesting QA support as well for more information.
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I'm not reproducing anymore today either. Maybe I miss a step in the STR above...

I'm closing the bug and add a NI to Oleg who might know better how such an error can happen and come up with a better STR.
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Yeah, I think it can easily happen under the pressure since default bridge timeout is quite small for the heavy load - 1000ms. To confirm I've just tried the following STR:

* Open Messages app with heavy workload;
* Switch to Gallery right away and try to share _big_ image (I was trying to share 9MB image);

In this case we'll be definitely hit by timeout on Flame, likely not on Aries. So I think we should just disable timeout for the ActivityClient for v2.5 (will check if it's possible to emulate in integration tests). Later I still want the bridge to log _slow_ responses so that we know what is going on when analyzing such bugs via logcat.

Julien, does it sound similar to what you were experiencing?
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Yeah this looks like it, maybe when I tried to reproduce I tried on Aries instead of Flame or used a smaller workload.
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(In reply to Julien Wajsberg [:julienw] from comment #5)
> Yeah this looks like it, maybe when I tried to reproduce I tried on Aries
> instead of Flame or used a smaller workload.

Okay, will fix it. So to be more precise - the size of the image doesn't really matter, the main thing is that two apps are competing for the resources and I can't reliably replicate this on b2g simulator obviously :/
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This fixes the issue for me.

r=me !
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Thanks for quick review!

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