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[ux] After a user selects 'Stop It' from the hang monitor, the foreground browser tab crashes


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The title of this is a bit of a tease, this is totally expected based on our design. From a user perspective though it is completely unexpected and makes the browser look broken.

Here's the current crashed tab mockup:

The top line text is the odd part:

"Bad New First: This Tab Has Crashed"

I think if the user explicitly selects "Stop It" from the hang notification (being implemented in bug 1119442) this text should change. Something along the line of:

"Bad News: We had to close/flush/kill/end/reset your tabs"

I'm not sure I'd keep the "Bad News" part either. It sounds very unexpected.

"Unfortunately, we had to close your tabs"

Also I think we should consider removing the word "crash" from the body of text in the page.
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fixed this by avoiding crashing tabs in a response to a plugin or script hang. We might have to come back to this at some point.
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